The language of the vows, pledge, and constitutional convention petition and invitational to social contract with the express purpose to support the Absolute Truth and ALL the Virtues (a.k.a. GOD) is directly below and more is explained beyond the petition language itself for additional context and greater understanding: (You may sign on to it at: (created 2/15/20).  While signatures do not appear to be displayed on that site, I, Minister Angela Smith, will post periodic updates regarding numbers and if you want your name publicized and have signed, please e-mail and I'll publicize that.)



We the People solemnly vow and petition everyone to sign in agreement this pledge: (Those who sign will be considered #HonoraryProselytizers by COPE Ministries though are welcome to disregard the honor and/or title.  For more, see  

1.  Individually and collectively, we the people commit to total equality in the eyes of the law and each other without regard to income, resource distribution, gender, sexual orientation, heritage, religion, and will never oppress nor exploit on the basis of resource distribution regardless of economic position.  

2.  As public citizens we recognize our full and whole part to maintain civilized society for the greater good and therefore commit to debate controversies and persuade through honest reason rather than emotionally manipulate or deceive ourselves and others to convert to any belief, practice, or lifestyle where critical thinking is discouraged and questioning those claiming to be authorities results in penalty where such authority has not been recognized by We the People.  

3.  Anyone found violating the spirit or letter of the above vows will at least be deemed a hypocrite and if violating the laws of the jurisdiction you are individually or collectively in, you will be subject to the penalties at law if you have no recognized defenses for your error in judgment.  

We the People agree to this social contract and will self-regulate while leading by example in encouraging everyone do the same to avoid penalty above or below."

Again, you may sign it here:  To clarify, and I believe all reasonable people of good faith do not require said clarification, only delusional narcissistic evil deceptive people acting in bad faith require it, by sexual orientation I do not recognize nor does my church recognize rape as a sexual orientation.  So, if you rape by trick (i.e. Think "I'm with an incompetent at law alone and they don't know what I want from them nor did the legal guardian who left them alone with me so I'm going to lie and say it is a game or something they could understand and that it's a secret and then I get what I want and they are incompetent and confused by it while being psychologically and physically harmed and often found to lack credibility as a result of their incompetence at law so I'll likely get away with it and it should just be accepted that that's my sexual orientation to do things like this to innocent people who are incompetent at law as a result of age of minority or disability.") or by force, I don't recognize that as a sexual orientation and that is not covered as you are not equal, liars self-negate and for every oppressive act that involves deception (most, if not all do) you become less recognizable in the eyes of God and for those of us who are Just Servants of God who wish to protect Creation as stewards sometimes we don't recognize you at all for the purpose of recognizing the victims and protecting the innocent now that your potential for causing harm has been made known beyond a reasonable doubt.  So, anyone doing mental gymnastics to find loopholes, or where something wasn't made so airtight not even someone who is a "master at breathwork" could find an escape clause or means to pervert meaning in an attempt to confuse even the author(s) who know what was meant and are willing to clarify, ask and you shall receive clarification.  If you are not the author, you are not an authority on the meaning of the Word(s) and any misunderstanding you have of that is a result of your own ignorance and lack of asking for clarification, not the fault of the author(s) unless they refuse to reasonably clarify and if reasonably understood by others and not you regarding meaning, the problem is you and not the author nor those in agreement with the meaning where the author concurs.  Is deception oppressive?  Yes.   Source: 

And, disability wasn't expressly covered for similar reasons.  Some are saying vicious criminal misconduct is a mental illness rather than a choice to cause harm requiring some form of compensation to society and the individual victims when the harm is grievous and recognized at law beyond a reasonable doubt for the sake of Justice.  If it is a conspiracy, it could be one to permanently lock away anyone convicted of crime who refuses to take responsibility for their own actions.  And, so for those supporting that theory in regards to certain particularly heinous crimes such as those covered on "Law and Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit)" I like the idea, but, find it too Machiavellian if locking them away forever by trick in making them believe they will get out sooner but the truth is they'll never get out.  Karmically though and as far as reaping what they sowed, it might be true poetic justice but only if they are locked away forever with no chance of release deemed permanently incompetent at law themselves.  Personally, I still think the death penalty is more humane and more just.  It also assures the victims that the perpetrator will never harm them again because the perpetrator is now dead.  And, when recovering from trauma that is a big relief.  But, if it is a conspiracy to basically let people get away with crimes, no dice and I want some accountability, don't you?

Also, the whole pledge is sincere and also a mock of myself and more specifically the DNC (Democratic National Committee) as a result of the DNC's pledge, but theirs is meaningless and just lip service and mine is sincere in believing the three vows are worth taking and I've taken the pledge and live it while hoping such provides a good example that serves the Absolute Truth and ALL Virtues. 


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